Gamin Project

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    Diapering Babies Around the Globe

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    Changing Their World One Diaper at a Time

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    Only the Best for Your Baby

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    Handcrafted in the USA

globe_32.png  One for One

For every diaper sold, we donate a diaper to an orphan in an underprivileged country. Take a look at what orphanage our project is currently supplying.

recycling_32.png  Envirosponsible

Diapers that last, and last, and last. Whether you will trade them with friends, hand them down, or sell them, they won't end up in a landfill. We call it, envirosponsible.

molecule_32.png  Natural Fibers

Our babies aren't synthetic and we don't think their diapers should be either. All natural fibers breath better, absorb more, and cause less allergic reactions.

tools_32.png  Hand Crafted

Handcrafted by an Oklahoma mom with your baby in mind, we take pride in each diaper creation by carefully selecting prints and colors to meet your baby fashion desires. 


— Sep 3, 2013

Browse our selection of fitted, all natural, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and wool dryer balls by Gamin Project. For every diaper sold, we donate a diaper to an orphanage in an underprivileged country. [+]


— Sep 3, 2013

See the orphanages and the progress in which diapers are contributed, by you, through Gamin Project. [+]


— Sep 3, 2013

Learn what the Gamin Project Means [+]

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— Sep 6, 2013

Contact Information of Gamin Project [+]